Garmont T8 FALCON - AR 670-1 compliant boot


A Guide to AR 670-1 Compliant Boots


In the military, uniformity is extremely important, not only to maintain a professional image, but also to maintain the mindset of working as a unit and upholding the values and traditions of your chosen branch. The one article of clothing that men and women can truly choose to suit their own needs and style is their boots, though they must still meet specific branch regulations. In the Army, these regulations are referred to as AR 670-1. Continue on to learn about AR 670-1, what features to keep an eye out for, and how to choose a pair of compliant boots.


What is AR 670-1?

“AR” simply stands for Army Regulation, a series of rules and guidelines that those in the Army must follow. The number that follows “AR” is the most up to date version of that regulation. Regulations in general are revised frequently, but the standards for boots in AR 670-1 have been largely the same for over a decade. But AR 670-1 does not just talk about boots, it is the regulation that deals with all things relating to appearance, including haircuts and hairstyles, jewelry, tattoos, hygiene, as well as other clothing & accessories. But for our purposes, we’ll be looking specifically at the regulations for boots.


Why does AR 670-1 compliance matter?

As stated above, it’s important for those in the Army, as well as other branches of the Armed Forces, to maintain a professional look and uphold military standards. This is part of the principle of discipline, which is crucial to being an effective servicemember, but it goes beyond that. Adhering to a uniform creates an overall cohesive look that allows individuals to more easily view themselves as part of a larger whole. Military uniforms serve as a visual testament to the concept of soldiers as a unified element, each contributing to a greater purpose.

When it comes specifically to boots, the regulations call not only for a cohesive look, but also for features that will provide protection and support for all of the activities that servicemembers are called on to do. AR 670-1 compliant boots are designed to provide exceptional foot and ankle support for long rucks while carrying heavy weight, as well as for agile movement. The materials used in these boots are extremely durable and provide protection against the elements, including water, heat, and other hazards. The heavy emphasis on protection also helps prevent injuries during exercises or combat situations.


Garmont T8 FALCON - AR 670-1 compliant boot


Key Features of AR 670-1 Compliant Boots

While there is a lot of room for interpretation and personalization with AR 670-1, there are specific requirements that boots must meet in order to be worn by those in the Army. Below we go through the key features that every pair of boots worn by Army servicemembers must achieve. To understand more about what features to look for in a pair of boots, we recommend checking out our article “What are tactical boots?”.



Every pair of AR 670-1 compliant boots much be 8 to 10 inches in height. This means that the upper of the boot must reach 8 to 10 inches high on the shin. Boots cannot be taller or shorter. This height is required because it provides ample ankle support on long marches and patrols, while still maintaining mobility.



The material that AR 670-1 compliant boots are made of is extremely important, which is why the regulation calls for cowhide, also known as cattle hide or suede leather, which must be flesh-side out. The lower portion of the boot, specifically the part that surrounds your foot, must be made of this material. Cowhide is extremely durable, abrasion-resistant, breathable, water resistant, and it dries quickly.

The upper should also be made of this leather, or a combination of leather and non-mesh fabric. 



The outsole, or the part of the of the boot that touches the ground, must be made of polyurethane or rubber. These two materials provide the best traction and slip resistance, but it’s also important that boots have a good tread designed for various terrains.

The heel of the outsole should be no more than 2 inches in height, to ensure stability and prevent injuries or discomfort that may occur with a higher heel.

The outsole material should not go up the back of the heel at all and should also not go over the toe. There may be a toe bumper, where the outsole material goes up the front of the toe area, which is acceptable as long as it does not wrap over the top of the toe. 

The color of the outsole must be the same color as the rest of the boot.



The toe of AR 670-1 compliant boots must be plain, without additional stitching or design.

They also cannot have additional reinforcements or have a “safety toe”, meaning that steel or composite toe boots are not allowed.



The color of the boots must be “Tan” or “Coyote”, with Coyote being the most popular choice because it wears particularly well over time.



The lacing of the boots must be standard eyelet configuration. No zippers of any kind are permitted, nor are open-laced boots. This ensures a secure fit with support and protection for the ankles, while preventing any snags or other issues during military activities. For more on how to lace you boots, check out our article “How to Lace Tactical Boots”.



Branding is allowed on AR 670-1 compliant boots, but any logos must be minimal and non-distracting. Large or flashy logos are not allowed, but small or discreet logos are acceptable. This maintains that professional and uniform look, even among different styles of boots.


Garmont T8 FALCON - AR 670-1 compliant boot


Boots for other branches of the military

While AR 670-1 outlines the specific regulations for boots in the U.S. Army, each branch of the U.S. military has its own set of regulations regarding footwear. While there may be some common elements such as color and overall design, there are key features that differentiate them. In the U.S. Air Force, for instance, AFI 36-2903 has specific requirements for the toe style and material. The U.S. Navy, as outlined in NAVPERS 15665I, typically mandates black leather boots for most uniforms, with specific guidelines on the height and design. The U.S. Marine Corps, according to MCO P1020.34G, requires that the “Eagle, Globe, & Anchor” symbol appear on their servicemembers’ boots. The U.S. Coast Guard, under COMDTINST M1020.6G, has regulations on the color and style of boots, considering the unique demands of their maritime operations. 

While some commonalities exist, the differences in these regulations reflect the individual needs and traditions of each military branch. It's essential for service members to be familiar with their respective branch's regulations to ensure compliance with uniform standards.



In the military, adherence to uniform standards, including AR 670-1 regulations for boots in the Army, is crucial for maintaining discipline and a cohesive appearance among servicemembers. AR 670-1 compliant boots are designed not only for a unified look but also to provide exceptional protection and support during various activities. Key features, including height, materials, outsole composition, toe design, color, lacing, and logos, are essential for meeting these standards. While AR 670-1 addresses Army requirements, each military branch has unique regulations for footwear.

At Garmont, we specialize in creating boots specifically designed for use by military personnel. We invite you to explore our catalog, including a variety of high-quality boots that meet these standards, ensuring both functionality and compliance with military regulations. Shop with us to equip yourself with boots that not only meet the requirements but also prioritize durability, protection, and comfort for your service needs.


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