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A Guide to the T8 Family: what are the differences?


Garmont’s tactical boots are designed to tackle every situation, but which product is exactly right for you? In this article we’ll take a look at the T8 family, our collection of 8-inch boots for professional use. Whether you’re in the military, law enforcement, or just looking for a tough boot to accompany you on your everyday tasks, we guarantee that we have something to fit your needs! Our boots are made of the highest quality materials available, constructed to protect and support your feet without sacrificing on comfort. Read on to learn more!


History of the Garmont T8 Family

In 2008, at the expressed interest of US Special Forces, Garmont entered the world of military footwear for professional use. Using our heritage in outdoor footwear, dating back to our founding in 1964, we began researching and testing. Our development path led us to create the T8 BIFIDA and the T8 NFS as our flagship models. Since that time the Garmont T8 Family has expanded to include the T8 EXTREME 200g Thinsulate™, the T8 EXTREME GTX, the T8 LE 2.0, and the T8 FALCON, with even more expansions to the line on the horizon.

Continue on to discover the differences between our products and find which of our boots is right for you!


T8 BIFIDA in action


T8 BIFIDA vs T8 NFS: how are they different?

The T8 BIFIDA and T8 NFS are our original models that have stood the test of time and are still favorites among our consumers. Though they look similar at first glance and do share some features in common, the T8 Bifida and the T8 NFS also have some marked differences.


The similarities

Both the T8 BIFIDA and the T8 NFS share the same upper construction with 1.8 mm suede leather and polyester inserts. They also have an Ortholite® Ultra footbed that provides all-day comfort, shock-absorption, and breathability. Both the T8 Bifida and the T8 NFS have roller bearings and closed hooks in the lacing system for rigging-proof hardware that also creates superior ankle and shin support. Both models are also AR670-1 compliant!


The differences

The T8 BIFIDA uses a VIBRAM® Bifida outsole, which is designed specifically for those field activities that require added support for carrying heavy loads across far distances. The outsole features heavy assorted-shaped lugs that provide excellent traction and ensures you can keep your balance regardless of the situation. The T8 BIFIDA is a rugged boot intended for use in demanding conditions out in the field. It can stand up to tough and varied terrain, including mud-soaked trails, arid desert, or rocky surfaces. The thicker outsole makes these boots a little weightier, coming in at 660 grams per half pair. But the higher profile outsole also provides increased padding for superior comfort.

In contrast, the T8 NFS uses a proprietary outsole developed by Garmont. The NFS in T8 NFS stands for “Need for Speed” which is the basis for the boot’s design. The 100% rubber outsole features cleat-like multidirectional lugs inspired by an athletic shoe, guaranteed to give you the speed and agility you need on-base or out in the field. These boots are lower profile than the T8 Bifida, and they are incredibly lightweight, at just 525 grams per half pair.


T8 Bifida vs T8 NFS: what are they best for?

Depending on your daily activities, each model has its own advantages and disadvantages.


Grip & Traction: T8 BIFIDA

When it comes to grip and traction, the T8 BIFIDA is going to be superior to the T8 NFS. With its more rugged sole and lugs, the T8 BIFIDA is going to provide the best level of control on unsteady terrain. Ideal for use out in the field when you can’t be certain of the conditions, the T8 BIFIDA is going to give your footing the most security in tough situations.


Rucking & Running: T8 NFS

When it comes to rucking, running, or other training and athletic activities, the T8 NFS is going to be your best bet. Created specifically for speed, the T8 NFS will keep you quick with their athletic tread design and lightweight comfort.


T8 NFS 670 in action


The Other Members of the Garmont T8 Family

Since releasing the T8 BIFIDA and T8 NFS, we have expanded the T8 Family to suit the increased needs of our consumers. Our additions to the collection include boots for cold and wet weather, boots for law enforcement and emergency services, and boots that combine some of our favorite features from previous iterations. Read on to learn more about the rest of the family!


T8 EXTREME 200g Thinsulate™

Our T8 EXTREME 200g Thinsulate™  boots will keep you warm even in the worst winter weather conditions.

These boots feature a suede and polyester upper construction like the T8 BIFIDA and T8 NFS, combined with the 3M™ Thinsulate™ 200-gram lining. This lining traps body heat and promotes air flow, keeping your feet warm and dry.

The Ortholite® Ultra insole provides comfort and support to your feet, while the VIBRAM® Grivola outsole is specifically designed to provide traction on wet and icy surfaces. Weighing 670 grams, these boots ensure you’re protected from the elements without becoming too heavy.



Our T8 EXTREME GTX® boots are designed for those who have to face cold and wet conditions. Like our other T8 boots, these also feature a suede and polyester upper construction, combined with a GORE-TEX® Extended Comfort waterproofing membrane. This membrane blocks water and wind, keeping your feet warm and dry.

The Ortholite® Ultra insole provides comfort and support to your feet, while the VIBRAM® Grivola outsole is specifically designed to provide traction on wet and icy surfaces. The T8 EXTREME GTX® boots come in at 680 grams, just a bit heavier to account for the added protection.


T8 LE 2.0

The T8 LE 2.0 is our only 8-inch boot available in black, specifically with law enforcement, EMS, rescue, and other public safety personnel in mind.

These boots feature a polishable 1.8 mm full grain leather upper, with polyester and webbing reinforcements. They also have a double closure system, with laces to customize your fit, and a side-zipper for easy on-and-off. Closed eyelets and a Velcro strap over the zipper ensure that the boots are snag-proof. The proprietary injected-rubber sole ensures comfort, and at just 500 grams these boots are sure to keep you light on your feet!



The T8 FALCON is our newest member of the T8 family, currently being sold exclusively by US Patriot. Designed to combine speed and stability, these boots feature a unique suede upper construction with polyester panels and webbing for breathability.

The 100% rubber Garmont GTF® outsole provides exceptional traction, and the PU footbed ensures comfort. At just 498 grams, the T8 FALCON is our lightest boot yet!


Our full T8 Range

Take a look through the chart below to compare and contrast the features of all our T8 models!


Differences between T8 Family


Our boots were designed with your needs in mind! Whether you need a boot that is rugged and dependable, speedy and agile, or to protect you from the elements, we have you covered! Browse the Garmont T8 Family along with the rest of our Tactical Collection and find the perfect boots for you!